Floats with Thru Tube

More information about our Steel Floats with Thru Tube products coming soon.

Other tube sizes are available upon request. Please contact us at Arthur Harris for any product inquiries.

SELECT SKUNameMaterialThicknessInside Diameter (in)Outer Diameter (in)
TF186TF186316 Stainless Steel0.0490.2773/8
TF184TF184304 Stainless Steel0.0490.2773/8
TH206TH206316 Stainless Steel0.0350.431/2
TH204TH204304 Stainless Steel0.0350.431/2
TJ206TJ206316 Stainless Steel0.0350.555/8
TJ206TJ206316 Stainless Steel0.0350.555/8