Oblong Floats

Although used for similar applications as round floats, our oblong floats offer another range of options and sizes. Oblong floats are available in multiple wall thicknesses (gauges) and are available in either 304 or 316L grade stainless steel. These elongated floats allow the possibility of another shape of float to choose from either for personal preference or out of necessity. Just as our round floats have a wide array of connections, as do these.

The selection of our more common oblong floats range from our smallest (1 ½” x 2 7/8”) up to our largest (6” x 8”).  A few examples of the more commonly requested sizes include:

  • 2 ½” x 4”
  • 3” x 5”
  • 3 ½” x 6”
  • 4” x 6”
  • 6” x 8”

These sizes are readily available with minimal lead time. Again, larger diameters and longer lengths are available upon request.

In order to achieve these longer lengths in our oblong floats, we take a cylindrical “body” of your desired diameter and length and we weld a shell to on each end of the cylinder to create an elongated oblong float. This process would produce the desired custom dimensions of this oblong float in order to meet your specifications. Of course, just like any of our other floats, connections can be attached to one or both ends of the oblong float depending on your intended use.

Often times elongated floats become the only option especially if there is limited space where it would be used, while still achieving required buoyancy.