Round Float Balls

Stainless steel floats are ideal for use under higher pressure and at correspondingly high temperatures in water or corrosive liquids. The high strength of stainless steel provides an extremely versatile and durable round float balls. We offer many diameters and wall thicknesses to suit your needs.

All spherical or oblong floats are built by welding two shells together. The welding process is critical for the strength and durability of the float. Harris has developed a weld that provides a smoothly finished seam, hardly distinguishable from the rest of the float surface. The weld is uniformly strong and ductile.

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SELECT SKUShell MaterialDiameter (in)Thickness (gauge)
2000266-641316 Stainless Steel226
2000166-REINF316 Stainless Steel216
2000224-441304 Stainless Steel222
2000164-REINF304 Stainless Steel216
2000264-441304 Stainless Steel226
2H00266-641316 Stainless Steel2.526
2H00204-441304 Stainless Steel2.520
2H00264-441304 Stainless Steel2.526
2H00264-.018304 Stainless Steel2.526
2H00206-641316 Stainless Steel2.520
2L00124-REINF304 Stainless Steel2.7512
3000266-641316 Stainless Steel326
3000224-441304 Stainless Steel322
3000264-441304 Stainless Steel326
3H00224-REINF304 Stainless Steel3.522
3H00244-441304 Stainless Steel3.524
3H00184-REINF304 Stainless Steel3.518
3H00246-641316 Stainless Steel3.524
3H00266SM-.020316 Stainless Steel3.525
3H00226-REINF316 Stainless Steel3.522
4000204-441304 Stainless Steel420
4000204-000304 Stainless Steel420
4000204-420304 Stainless Steel420
4000206-641316 Stainless Steel420
4070206-DISHED316 Stainless Steel420
4H00206-641316 Stainless Steel4.520
4H00224-441304 Stainless Steel4.522
4H00204-441304 Stainless Steel4.520
5000204-000304 Stainless Steel520
5000204-420304 Stainless Steel520
5000204-409304 Stainless Steel520
5000184-441304 Stainless Steel518
5000206-641316 Stainless Steel520
5000204-441304 Stainless Steel520
5000186-641316 Stainless Steel518
5H00206-606316 Stainless Steel5.520
5H00184-409304 Stainless Steel5.518
5H00186-606316 Stainless Steel5.518
5H00204-409304 Stainless Steel5.520
6000224-REINF304 Stainless Steel622
6000204-409304 Stainless Steel620
6000184-REINF304 Stainless Steel618
6000186-606316 Stainless Steel618
6000206-606316 Stainless Steel620
6000204-000304 Stainless Steel620
6000204-412304 Stainless Steel620
6000204-TJ204-6304 Stainless Steel620
6000226L-REINF316 Stainless Steel622
6000204-420304 Stainless Steel620
6000204-422304 Stainless Steel620
6000204-409304 Stainless Steel620
6000184-409304 Stainless Steel618
6000144-406304 Stainless Steel614
7000204-420304 Stainless Steel720
7000186-614316 Stainless Steel718
7000206-606316 Stainless Steel720
7000144-412304 Stainless Steel714
7000204-TJ204-7304 Stainless Steel720
7000204-409304 Stainless Steel720
7000204-412304 Stainless Steel720
7000204-000304 Stainless Steel720
7000184-412304 Stainless Steel718
8000184-412304 Stainless Steel818
8000204-412304 Stainless Steel820
8000204-000304 Stainless Steel820
8000204-412304 Stainless Steel820
8000186-614316 Stainless Steel818
8000206-614316 Stainless Steel820
8000204-TJ204-8304 Stainless Steel820
8000204-420304 Stainless Steel820
8000144-412304 Stainless Steel814
8000204-422304 Stainless Steel820
9000186-615316 Stainless Steel918
9000184-415304 Stainless Steel918
90001444-415304 Stainless Steel914
10000144-615316 Stainless Steel1014
10000144-615316 Stainless Steel1014