9 Heat Treatment Methods for Stainless Steel

When it comes to stainless steel heat treatment, methods will vary according to the metal’s end use and the properties necessary for the application. Sometimes this involves the metal undergoing several types of heat treatment, with methods for certain superalloys going through as many as six steps to optimize their properties. (more…)

What is a Liquid Level Control System?

Many industries use various equipment to maintain fluids, or even fluid-like substances, at a certain level. A liquid level control system utilizes various floats, probes, and other simple or complex technologies to moderate fluid levels. Some of these systems, processes, and implements can also be used with dry powders, chemicals, or any material that flows. Though some of these systems are versatile and have multiple applications, it’s important to understand the purpose for which it is used to ascertain the best type and method for liquid level control for a specific application. (more…)

A Guide to Stainless Steel Welding

Due to its many advantageous qualities, stainless steel is a popular metal for a wide variety of industrial and consumer products. It resists corrosion from liquids, gases, and chemicals, along with being particularly durable, tough, and visually appealing. Many available stainless steel grades can withstand extremes of hot or cold, which is why it’s popular for oil and other pipelines. As it also resists bacterial growth, it’s often used by restaurants, breweries, and for medical equipment. (more…)

How to Select a Stainless Steel Float Valve for Your Application

Float valves are mechanisms or machines used for filling tanks, reservoirs, or other containers for liquids. Also referred to as a ballcock, as the hollow float is often shaped like a ball, it’s essentially the same mechanism as one would find in flushing toilets, and helps prevent overflow or backflow. Consisting of a valve connected by a lever to a hollow and sealed float, they are mounted close to the top of the tank. The valve connects to the pipe bringing in the liquid, opening and closing as the lever raises or lowers the float. Once it reaches a certain level, the mechanism causes the lever to close the valve, cutting off the flow. Selecting a stainless steel float valve requires consideration of several factors, such as style and material. Keep reading to learn how to choose the best float valve for your application! (more…)

What is a Floating Ball Valve?

As the most common valve type in the piping industry, floating ball valves play an important role in regulating flow through pipelines and other piping systems in the gas, oil, water and other industries. They create a bi-directional seal, and can even be customized for high pressure operations, though normally they are only used in pipelines with low to medium pressure. Available in different configurations and sizes, they feature a ball-shaped disk that’s hollow and perforated, so that liquids can pass through it when open. If you’ve found yourself wondering “What is a floating ball valve?” simply keep reading – the team at Arthur Harris has broken it down for you below.


Mixed Metals for Cabinet Hardware: Do or Don’t?

An age-old design rule is to never combine different metals, especially when it comes to cabinet hardware. Luckily times are changing, with mixed metals bringing an elevated depth of style to any space when done right. There are some tricks of the trade to help you blend styles to get a layered look. Below, we’ve put together some do’s and don’ts to follow as you choose your cabinet hardware. (more…)

How to Choose Kitchen Hardware for White Cabinets

When it comes to selecting hardware the decision can be overwhelming, especially hardware for white cabinets. On a white backdrop, hardware plays the starring role and ends up being a focal point, so you want to make sure you’re choosing styles and finishes that enhance the feeling of the most central room in your home: the kitchen. So, how do you make your selection?

Below, we’ve broken down common styles of white cabinets and the best cabinet hardware to go with each! (more…)