Stainless Steel Floats & Metal Fabrication Services


Arthur Harris & Company has over 100 years of experience in manufacturing floats. We have the knowledge and hands-on experience to deal with just about any type of application. Arthur Harris manufactures custom stainless steel floats in a variety of shapes, metals, connections, gauges, and sizes. If you need assistance in the selection of a float for a specific job, our staff is more than happy to assist you.


Dependability is the most important feature of any float, which is why each Arthur Harris float is inspected several times during the manufacturing process. A dimensional and thread inspection is also given to ensure conformance to your particular design. Finally, before packaging for shipment, each float is individually tested to ensure strength and durability. A 100% safety factor is recommended for floats used in a pressure system. For example, a float used at 100 lbs. pressure should have a minimum of 200 lb. collapse pressure.


Arthur Harris can provide various metal finishing and processing services, including annealing, heat treating, polishing, passivating, weighting or any other requirement you may have for your float or tank. We also stock a wide variety of floats that are ready for immediate delivery and can accommodate custom stainless steel floats on an ordered basis.