Stainless Steel Bar Pulls

Arthur Harris stainless steel bar pulls offer the most durable, versatile stainless cabinet hardware on the market today. Available in any length to the nearest 1/16″ up to 96″ long, Arthur Harris allows you to purchase the most customized stainless pulls for all of your interior and exterior design needs.

We use 3/8″ diameter stainless bar mounted on two or three standoffs (as we call them) that measure 5/16″ in diameter. Arthur Harris Bar Pulls can be made to custom lengths measured to the nearest 1/16″. Additionally, these cabinet pulls can be totally made-to-order with the option of selecting the bar diameter, length, the standoff length and location position on the bar itself.

Although we offer our stainless steel pulls in custom lengths and diameters, in both high quality type 303 stainless steel or Marine grade type 316 (upon request), listed below is a sample of standard cabinet hardware sizes.

Note: We suggest a third standoff for any bar over 32 inches in length.