14 Kitchen Cabinet Color Trends of 2022 (and the Best Hardware for Each!)

Remodeling or designing new kitchens requires an eye for detail, especially when it comes to kitchen cabinets and their hardware. Understanding current trends in cabinets allow both professional and amateur designers to select the best style for their kitchen, which is why learning about kitchen cabinet color trends of 2022 is so important.

Kitchen cabinets aren’t just about storage. They help give a kitchen a certain ambiance. While what’s aesthetically pleasing to one person may not be so for another, we include plenty of selections below so that consumers can pick the one that best suits their preferences. 

14 Stylish Kitchen Cabinet Color Trends: 2022 & Beyond

kitchen cabinet color trends of 2022Modern designs for kitchen cabinets are becoming more streamlined and sleeker. Current kitchen plans espouse comfortable, environmentally friendly, and minimalistic designs, trending towards more touch-to-open cabinets without handles or cords. As smart technology becomes increasingly common in residential kitchens, designs look more futuristic, though certain contemporary color trends embrace a more natural feel.   

While color includes paint, that’s not the only element involved in planning color schemes within a kitchen. The coloring and material of various pulls, mountings, hooks and other cabinet accessories also add to a kitchen’s color schematics.

Let’s look at 14 current cabinet color trends for 2022: 

  1. Dark colors and hues have been a kitchen cabinet color cabinet trend. 2022 will maintain this fashion, with darker tones creating a warm and cozy kitchen, especially with kitchens that have plenty of natural light. 
  2. Classic white gives kitchens a clean and bright look long favored by homeowners, which won’t ever go completely out of style. 
  3. Two-toned kitchen cabinets create a complementary or contrasting color scheme that combines alternating colors for various cabinets depending on their position to make the kitchen more visually interesting. These contrasting tones work well for traditional and modern designs, with black hardware pairing well with white cabinets. Black and white cabinets can create contrast with their hardware by using black and brass detailing. Blue cabinets contrasted against whitewashed brick is another variation on this theme, with small round knobs complementing drawer pulls. Another two-tone color variation involves pink and white combined with stainless steel or brass pulls.
  4. Natural wood hues add texture to cabinets, presenting visual dissimilarities by incorporating tree ring patterns. The wooden look makes the kitchen seem more hospitable, contrasting the overall décor. 
  5. Matching pulls or knobs on cabinets with lighting accessories provides kitchens with an elegant color scheme that works well with patterned or colored cabinets. 
  6. Modern styles paired with traditional cabinets create a bolder kitchen design that mixes old with new, using matching latches, knobs, and bars. 
  7. kitchen cabinet color trends of 2022Light-colored cabinetry with acrylic pulls can be matched against polished chrome accents to create a distinctive modernistic look. 
  8. Black cabinets combined with brass-colored pulls with matching drawer slides and cabinet hinges give a kitchen a glamorous ambiance. 
  9. Blue-tinted cabinets with gold-hued hardware add character to a kitchen, developing in charm as it ages. 
  10. White cabinetry with brass hardware gives a kitchen a classic and minimalistic look, with knobs favored throughout for an added old-style ambiance. 
  11. Dark cabinetry set against matte pulls or knobs creates a more old-fashioned kitchen character, especially when stainless steel appliances are set against deep-blue cabinets. 
  12. White mixed with gray makes a kitchen seem brighter, with brass or stainless steel augmenting this look. 
  13. Cabinets painted a neutral color combines well with copper- or brass-hued pulls to add a timeless quality to any kitchen.
  14. Wooden cabinets with white accents create a sophisticated style, especially when paired with diminutive knobs with a bronzy finish.

Arthur Harris Stainless Steel Cabinet Hardware

Cabinet hardware shouldn’t be overlooked when considering a color scheme for kitchen cabinets. Knobs and pulls are an important part of cabinetry, and they’ll contribute much to a kitchen’s ambiance. 

Consider the following knobs and pulls when planning your kitchen cabinets:

  • kitchen cabinet color trends of 2022Back mountings work well for pantry or kitchen doors; they help blend stylistic techniques with elsewhere in the kitchen. 
  • Bar pulls for cabinets can be customized for diameter, length, shape, and position, with certain Italian and Spanish designs still popular after more than a decade; they give a kitchen a contemporary look while blending into almost any décor.  
  • Bin pulls – also called cup pulls – are shaped like half-circles and make gripping easier from below. 
  • Coat hooks work well in kitchens with direct access to the outdoors; as kitchen décor, though utilitarian in nature, their appearance can match other kitchen accessories. 
  • Handle pulls work well for cabinet drawers, but as they’re more robust than other accessories, they can also be used for doors. 
  • Knobs work well for cabinet doors, but they can be used for drawers, too; though sometimes considered less trendy, they tend to be less expensive.
  • Latches work well for larger cabinet doors; they provide kitchens with a more traditional look. 
  • T-pulls offer a simple yet stable design option, which can be customized to fit a certain aesthetic. 

Arthur Harris makes several stylish and durable cabinet implements suitable for all kitchen designs. If you’re looking at redesigning a kitchen, look at how our accessories can augment kitchen cabinet color trends for 2022 and beyond.

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