Arthur Harris & Co. Launches New Website

Arthur Harris invites visitors to explore their new website which has been designed to provide the ultimate user-friendly experience. With easy to use navigation and improved functionality throughout, the new website allows easy access to detailed product information, services, and resources.

Arthur Harris & Co., located in Chicago, Illinois, is excited to announce the launch of their new website. The company, which specializes in custom manufacturing of stainless steel floats and hardware as well as metal finishing services, hopes the new site will further elevate their online presence. The new website features the company’s product line of durable, high-quality stainless steel floats which are ideal for corrosive liquids, as well as offering a range of metal fabrication of services. Arthur Harris collaborated with Page One Web Solutions, a web design and marketing firm located in Portland, Maine, for the redesign of the website. The new design has improved the site’s functionality as well as overall user experience, allowing Arthur Harris to help visitors understand the complete range of stainless steel float and custom hardware solutions that they offer.

Created with an emphasis on user experience in mind, the attractive website has been designed using the latest technology, making the site responsive and compatible with today’s browsers and mobile devices. “The rapid growth of mobile traffic over the past few years has made responsive design a requirement, rather than a preference. Our new website designed by the Page One team utilizes the latest technology, allowing visitors to seamlessly access not only on desktop computers, but on smartphones and tablets.” says Arthur Harris’ COO, Mike Roche. Roche continues to express enthusiasm for the new website’s capabilities by saying, “Our customers now have access to product information and resources wherever they are and whenever they need it.”

The flexibility of the responsive site allows Arthur Harris to do what they do best: supply quality stainless steel floats, create custom solutions for their customers, offer reliable deliveries, and provide friendly customer service from their knowledgeable staff. The main objective of the site is to provide access to product offerings for prospective clients and supply them with informative resources to help enhance their understanding of the products.

In business since 1884, Arthur Harris & Co. is an industry leader in the manufacturing of stainless steel floats and metal finishing. They serve customers throughout North America, offering them a complete line of quality products and unmatched service. To learn more about Arthur Harris, visit or call (312) 666-6832.