Cabinet Pulls: Why It’s Important to Sweat the Details

how to choose the right size cabinet pulls

Design is truly in the details, especially when it comes to home hardware for drawers and cabinets. Though it may seem like a minor detail, hardware can ultimately make the biggest impact in a room. Updating hardware is a surprisingly simple way to give old, outdated kitchens, bathrooms, and other spaces in your home a fresh, stylish new look. If find yourself wondering where to begin with home hardware and how to choose the right size cabinet pulls, let this article help guide you to implement the best hardware for your home.

Color, Contrast and Material

How a particular type of hardware looks in your home depends on what you already have. Take note of all the details of a room – lamp or light bases, coat hooks, curtain rods, picture frames, faucets, appliances. Do you want your hardware to match what you already have, or add some drama with contrasting metals? Choosing a finish can be a transformative decision.

Color of cabinets, drawers, or furniture should also play a huge role in the style of hardware you choose. Lighter colors work well with a darker, more matte hardware finish, such as brushed stainless steel. Pairing lighter hardware colors like mirrored stainless steel pop on darker materials.

Comfort and Functionality

In this case, the only thing that’s more important than good looks is that any new home hardware functions well within your space and is comfortable enough to use on a daily basis. Consider how often drawers and cabinets are being pulled open in the kitchen, bathroom, or other busy areas of a home. If a bar pull or knob doesn’t feel right – for example, if it has pointy edges that press into your fingers – is that something you’re going to be okay with grabbing 25 times a day? Make sure you try out any hardware before you purchase enough for an entire space.

Let’s not forget, the main purpose of home hardware is function. They are necessary to open cabinets and drawers while maintaining clean surfaces and prolonging the life of your surfaces. Be sure that any hardware you incorporate into your home does its job well. When choosing the type of hardware, remember that knobs may be more standard, but pulls can be easier to use, functional for heavy drawers, and more modern looking overall.

Budget and Cost

The general rule of thumb with home hardware is that you get what you pay for. Don’t waste money on cheap hardware that will ultimately degrade faster and need to be replaced much sooner than if you spend a bit more on quality knobs or pulls.

Count how many knobs or pulls you need for the space you’re updating – once you have a number in mind, create a budget and work backward. The average price range for quality hardware is between $6-$10 each for knobs and $7-$12 each for stainless steel pulls, but it can also depend on material and size. When you’re price shopping, try to look in both big-box stores like Target as well as local cabinet showrooms, where there are salespeople who can help guide you. If ordering online, do your research on materials and sizes, and order a sample if you can before buying the entire amount you need. Whatever type of hardware you end up choosing, be sure to order a few spares in case you need to replace one down the road.

In the grand scheme of home renovations and refinishing, hardware is an inexpensive and easy update to breathe new life into your entire space. Updating hardware can completely change the feel of a home for no more than a couple hours worth of work, plus the low cost allows you to update as regularly as you’d like without breaking the bank. To shop stainless steel cabinet hardware or to learn more about how to choose the right size cabinet pulls, request a quote from the team at Arthur Harris today.