How to Choose Kitchen Hardware for White Cabinets

When it comes to selecting hardware the decision can be overwhelming, especially hardware for white cabinets. On a white backdrop, hardware plays the starring role and ends up being a focal point, so you want to make sure you’re choosing styles and finishes that enhance the feeling of the most central room in your home: the kitchen. So, how do you make your selection?

Below, we’ve broken down common styles of white cabinets and the best cabinet hardware to go with each!


There’s truly nothing more minimalist in a kitchen than a white kitchen cabinet! Less is more in this style space, and you must embrace simplicity in all its forms to complete the look. Simple clean drawer pulls, such as matte black or dark bronze, can transform your kitchen from basic to extraordinary while maintaining a minimalist feel.


Modern while cabinets go hand-in-hand with clean and sophisticated – not quite minimalist, but also not quite farmhouse either. We’d recommend crisp lines and no-frills for your modern kitchen cabinet hardware. Consider high-shine polished chrome or sleek steel pulls for those clean-looking modern details.


Traditional by no means equals boring – far from it! In fact, a “traditional” white kitchen aesthetic is often the jumping-off point for interior designers, as it allows for the flexibility of re-design as needed without a complete overhaul. For this style cabinetry, it’s best to go with timeless cabinet hardware: think graceful lines, like a classic square knob or luxe cabinet pull.


An urban, industrial kitchen will often pull in elements including wood, stainless steel, or other metals, focusing on functionality and sleek lines. Try a matte nickel cup cabinet pull to add an elemental yet usable touch to your space.


A coastal-style kitchen is very beachy and dreamy, invoking the feeling of sun, sand, and salty air. White cabinets in this type of kitchen pull the entire room together, so a focus on hardware here is important. Simple cabinet pulls with a touch of retro or whimsy can complete the look, such as a brushed satin pewter finish. Bonus points if you install hardware that comes in a whimsical, nautical shape!


White cabinets are the bread and butter of a refreshed farmhouse style. Think cozy and welcoming but without the patterns and colors of grandma’s kitchen. Oftentimes, farmhouse kitchens use warm whites that are creamier and more matte – this is the perfect background for dark bronze cabinet pulls that will truly pull the room together.

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