How Long Should Bar Pulls Be? The Experts Weigh In

how long should bar pulls be

Installing new bar pulls are a creative way to energize the look of older kitchen cabinets and refresh the overall look of your entire kitchen. Swapping out cabinet hardware is also less costly than an entire kitchen remodel. Considering how long should bar pulls be is central in determining what the new look of your kitchen will be. Fortunately, there are many shapes, styles, and sizes to choose from, and once you make your decision you will be well on your way to having a new look and feel throughout the kitchen. The new look just may inspire you to swap out the hardware on dressers, vanities, hutches, and sideboards throughout your home.

Choosing the Right Length Bar

Choosing the right length bar pulls will complement many styles of cabinetry. Should the bar pull be extra long? Too small and the cabinet will overwhelm the hardware. Too large and they overwhelm not one, but all the cabinets throughout the kitchen. Should you go for a basic look or decorative alternative? The bar pulls will need to coordinate with the rest of the kitchen, too, appliances and hardware, in color and shape. A mishmash of hardware will have a disjointed, cluttered look, otherwise.

The truth is there is no set rule on how long bar pulls should be – it is a matter of personal preference. If it’s for a drawer, longer bar pulls can add a contemporary feel to the kitchen. However, using longer pulls depend on the width of the drawer. If it’s aesthetically pleasing, one long bar pull may be an option rather than two smaller ones on wider drawers. Nevertheless, most designers would advise using two bar pulls on drawers greater than 18 inches wide.

Here are three handy tips to aid in your deciding on what length bar pull to use on your cabinetry.

Rule #1: Always chose the same length for bar pulls for cabinet drawers.

Stacked drawers often come in different heights to serve different storage functions. Because they are the same width, the length of the bar pull should be consistent on each drawer.

Rule #2: Avoid hardware clutter.

Sizes of drawers and cabinets throughout the kitchen come in many sizes and shapes. Some people make the mistake of choosing different bar pull sizes to match the size of each section of cabinetry. Doing so will create visual clutter. Limit the lengths of the bar pulls to three different sizes to complement and give visual consistency to the cabinetry.

Rule #3: Consider using a longer bar pull for wider drawers.

As mentioned above, choosing longer bar pulls for wider drawers can be an option. It may be utilitarian to use longer pulls on heavier drawers that take two hands to open. Also, it’s been found a longer bar pull is better suited for seniors who need to use their whole hand instead of just their fingertips to open the drawers.

Before making a final decision on your new hardware, here are a couple of suggestions to try before making a commitment. One, place a piece of painter’s tape the length and color of the bar pull you are considering on several cabinets or drawers. Leave them there for a few days to see if you like the look. Another option is to simply purchase a few pulls. Install them on two or three cabinets to try them out. Either way, you’ll have a taste of your new-look kitchen hardware before making a big purchase.

New bar pulls can transform the look of any kitchen. They are available in many finishes, such as stainless steel, satin nickel, black and polished brass. If you are looking to present a newer or more modern look to your kitchen, you can do no wrong in swapping out your old hardware with new bar pulls.

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how long should bar pulls be