Manufacturing 101: Stainless Steel Floats

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Arthur Harris stainless steel floats are an indispensable component in any liquid level control system. The industrial strength float balls have superior buoyancy and provide maximum corrosion resistance under the most challenging conditions. As the long-tenured stainless steel float and valve company with trusted experience, Arthur Harris sets the industry standard for producing the highest quality floats on the market.

What Are Steel Floats?

Floats are an integral component for liquid level control systems. For example, they are used for measuring and controlling the flow of conductive liquids such as water, and non-conductive liquids such as oil or diesel. Floats control the pump switches that monitor facility safety.

Types of Stainless Steel Used

The use of stainless steel is a preferred material in the manufacturing of floats. This is due in part because stainless steel is half the price per pound than copper, another corrosive resistant metal. As a material, stainless steel is highly adaptable to high pressure, high temperature, and harsh conditions. Stainless steel is also a lighter material than copper, where buoyancy is a factor, and provides exceptional corrosive resistance.

The most popular types of stainless steel grades, or types, are 304 and 316. Stainless steel type 304 is an austenitic stainless steel grade with a variety of industrial applications. Comparatively, if your needs require exceptional toughness against corrosion with very excellent welding capabilities, then 316 stainless steel grade would be a very good choice. Arthur Harris can produce any grade of stainless steel float ball depending on your company’s needs, specifications or specific applications. The different grades are determined by the degree and combination of elements mixed with the stainless steel to weather environmental factors and harsh conditions of any liquid level control system.

Advantages of Arthur Harris

As a component, Arthur Harris stainless steel floats are necessary for a variety of liquid level control systems. They are the ideal component for high-pressure conditions and correspondingly high temperature operating systems utilizing corrosive liquids or even water. Stainless steel floats are standard equipment in industrial and commercial facilities and plants, as well as the marine industry, with such systems. They are also widely used in the energy sector, in the natural gas field and oil field flow systems, as well as water management and water distribution systems.

Arthur Harris stainless steel floats are known for their reliability, durability, and strength. The floats are oblong or spherical in shape and are made by uniformly welding two halves or shells together. Welding the halves is critical to the strength and ductility of the float. The seam has a smooth finish that is near indistinguishable as that as the surface. The floats are also manufactured to withstand temperatures up to 800 F (427 C). Buoyancy requirements can be met by the degree of wall thickness of the float. Thinner wall thicknesses produce stronger floating capacity and increased buoyancy. Thicker wall thicknesses can decrease buoyancy.

As part of any liquid flow system, stainless steel float balls play an important role. Arthur Harris is the preeminent stainless steel float and float valve company that specializes in custom manufacturing of stainless steel floats and hardware. For quality and reliability, Harris stainless steel floats exceed industry standards, are built strong to endure the heaviest use, and perform under the harshest conditions for a considerable length of time. Contact our experienced team today to learn more!