Mixed Metals for Cabinet Hardware: Do or Don’t?

An age-old design rule is to never combine different metals, especially when it comes to cabinet hardware. Luckily times are changing, with mixed metals bringing an elevated depth of style to any space when done right. There are some tricks of the trade to help you blend styles to get a layered look. Below, we’ve put together some do’s and don’ts to follow as you choose your cabinet hardware.

DO: Choose a Dominant Metal and an Accent Metal

Pick a metal you love to be the prominent finish, and choose a secondary finish to use as an accent. A good rule of thumb is to use your dominant metal for two-thirds of your fixtures, then use your accent metal for the final one-third.

When you’re mixing metals throughout your home, you want the metals to consistently flow. Another good tip is to stick with your dominant metal for the same hardware across several rooms. For example, use all the same metals on door handles and mix up cabinet hardware in each room.

DON’T: Shy Away From Mixing Cool and Warm Tones

There are no two metals that are perfect for each other – really any metals can be mixed as long as it’s done carefully! That’s why combining warm tones, such as nickel, brass or gold, can be the perfect companion for cooler metals such as chrome and silver. Varying tones when done right can add a layer of depth that will look thoughtful, not messy. Contrast is important in design!

DO: Keep Your Color Palette in Mind

Considering your color palette is crucial when it comes to selecting metal accents or hardware. Generally speaking, you want to use warm metals with warm colors such as beiges, taupes, and whites, and cool metals with cooler colors such as blues, grays, and greens. That said, metals can help balance out the color of each room and even out the overall temperature. For example, if you have a room with a lot of gray, gold cabinet hardware can warm the room up and truly bring it to life. Playing around with the contrast of room color and hardware is a great way to determine what works best for your space.

DON’T: Ignore Texture of Mixed Metals

Be sure to consider texture when mixing metals in your home. Combining brushed, burnished, oiled, antiqued, hammered, polished or matte finishes can create a visually appealing look. For example, if you’re using a dark oil-rubbed bronze as your primary metal, lighten things up a bit with a shiny polished chrome accent. The texture options of metals are truly limitless, so have fun with it!

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