Choosing Hardware for White Kitchen Cabinets

Choose Hardware for White Cabinets

The color white, and more specifically, white colored cabinets, have never been more popular in today’s kitchens. White is always in style, regardless if you have a slick modern kitchen or relaxed country style. With their relaxed style and design flexibility, it’s no secret as to why white cabinets are a constant crowd pleaser. The color white can make a room look larger and timeless in one broad stroke. With white cabinets, hardware is the most crucial detail, as it is more than just an accent, Hardware completes the room and adds overall value to your kitchen. With all of the available options, selecting the perfect hardware for your white cabinets can be a frustrating exercise. Below we discuss what to consider when selecting hardware for white kitchen cabinets.

To help choose the perfect hardware for your white kitchen cabinets, we break it down by type and color:

Hardware Types

First you must choose what type of hardware style goes best with your cabinets and kitchen.


Stainless Steel Knob Pull K109Knobs have been around forever, and still function as a clean and classic hardware, with loads of practicality. Especially for cabinets that get used the most, knobs are still a perfect fit. Pay close attention to the color and size of knobs for white cabinets, and also be mindful of the finish. Are you looking for a shiny finish to match your white, modern kitchen? Or perhaps you prefer a matte finish, to accentuate your country style kitchen.


Stainless Steel Bar PullWant sleek form? Want functionality at its finest? Say hello to handles. Handles for white cabinets allow a firm and full grip to easily pull open or push close any cabinet door. Handles come in a cornucopia of shapes and sizes to male for a match with your kitchen style. Handles offer installation flexibility, with vertical and horizontal options, which allows for additional detailing for your white cabinets.


Think of pulls as handles on steroids. Pulls have the strength and design to handle opening/closing oversized bins and drawers to everyday appliances. Their large width will contrast nicely with your white cabinets.


The afterthought of the hardware world is the hinge. We often overlook hinges, but they play an important part in your kitchen scheme. Why put all of your thought and money into nice handles or knobs, just to have a poor fit and shaggy looking hinges. Match the color of your hinges with the rest of your hardware.

Hardware Colors

Once you decide the perfect hardware for your white cabinets, you now must consider color. The color of your hardware can do wonders to bring out the beauty of your cabinets. Below are our recommended hardware colors to go with your white cabinets.


The clean, industrial look of silver produces a calm ambiance, which pairs perfectly with your white cabinets. Silver is also bright enough, where it also stands out on your cabinets and gives your kitchen that shiny and sterile feel. The majority of today’s appliances are stainless steel, so your stainless steel hardware will share that uniform look.


Believe it or not, brass is back. Popular in yesteryears, brass is now a good way to update your cabinet hardware. Brass brings a warm and rich feeling to your kitchen. It almost adds a touch of royalty to your clean, white kitchen. Brass is also making a comeback on appliances, where several high end ranges are using brass burners.


Are you aiming for a bold contrast with your heavenly white cabinets? Black hardware will do just that. We recommend black in kitchens that carry black accents, as the hardware will flow well and provide that stand out feel.


A mix of silvery, tin bases with gold and copper hues, pewter will give any kitchen a rustic, antique look and feel.


The color brown is made up with a wide spectrum of shades and hues, from chestnut to dark taupes. Brown hardware makes a lovely accent for any white colored cabinets.

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