Learn How Our Stainless Steel Floats Benefit the Oil Industry


At Arthur Harris, we take great pride in our ability to serve numerous industries. With the ability to serve an extensive range of purposes, or products offer unmatched versatility paired with the high quality craftsmanship that our clients trust. To celebrate our diverse clientele and highlight some of the unique applications of our high quality products, we will be writing industry-specific blogs. Today will be talking about one of the largest industries we serve, the oil industry! The oil industry is especially important because it requires our products for accuracy, safety, and everyday operations.

Vertical Fluid Switches for the Oil Industry

In oil processing and holding facilities, as well as in oil delivery vehicles, monitoring the level of the oil is integral for safety and inventory management. The oil level is measured using a vertical fluid switch, a complex device which also plays an important role in monitoring the level of all types of fluids in other industries. A vertical fluid switch consists of 2 primary parts: a stem and a float. Vertical “switches” move up and down from the bottom to the top of the inside of the oil tank. The other components of the vertical fluid switch are a float and a rod. The float is an oblong or spherical object which is connected to the rod. Now that we have broken down the basic structure of the vertical fluid switch, we can explore the function of the float in a little more detail.

The Important Function of Arthur Harris Floats
As we have discussed, monitoring the level of oil in any type of holding vessel is extremely important. Arthur Harris designs and manufactures the highest quality floats in order to satisfy the requirements of oil level measurement. To picture the function of the float, consider that the float sits on top of the liquid, rising and falling according to the liquid’s level. When the level of the float aligns with the level of the switch inside the rod, it magnetically actuates the rod switch, sending an electrical signal through the wires to the outside of the tank to stop or start the flow of liquid. This may seem like magic, but it’s simply a function of simple parts working together to do a complex and important job in the oil industry!

Arthur Harris Stainless Steel Float Options
At Arthur Harris, we offer both round and oblong stainless steel floats. They’re ideal for high pressure applications and available in a wide range of diameters and wall thicknesses to suit the unique needs of the oil industry. If your company is in the oil industry and you’re interested in learning more about the range of products available to you, simply contact Arthur Harris. Since we manufacture all of our floats, we are always happy to offer custom solutions according to our clients unique specifications. Call today to get started.