Liquid Level Control in the Wastewater Industry

Stainless Steel Float BallsIt’s August, one of the hottest months in North America, and here at Arthur Harris, we’re celebrating the sunshine, spending time outdoors, and our ability to serve some of the most lucrative and important industries in the country, wastewater treatment. On the hottest days of the year, we think about how our liquid level control products help those in the wastewater treatment industry manage the day-to-day operations and also stay safe by preventing an incident which could really stink!

Industry Spotlight: Wastewater Treatment

We’ve worked with the wastewater industry for many years, and in that time we’ve learned just how integral our stainless steel floats are in nearly every step of the wastewater treatment process. Whether for pump control, chemical storage tanks, process level controls, or alarms, our liquid level controls play an important role in maintaining the work flow at wastewater treatment facilities of all sizes. With the help of Arthur Harris floats, the complicated processes involved in liquid level control for wastewater industries can be streamlined. By careful planning of process elevations, engineers can design treatment systems where gravity manages wastewater levels and flow through most of the treatment process.

A Peek Inside the Wastewater Industry

We know what you’re thinking, wastewater isn’t the most glamorous, but if you think about it, it’s one of those industries that works 24/7, behind the scenes of our lives to allow us to live as simply as we do. Within a wastewater treatment facility, there are a series of holding tanks and vessels, some of which contain wastewater at various stages of processing, others which contain chemicals. As you might imagine, liquid level control for these containers is very important; that’s where our stainless steel floats come into play!

The Function of Arthur Harris Floats in Wastewater Facilities

Within the wastewater treatment facility, processes like filtration, heating, cooling, and chemical treatment are is measured using a vertical fluid switch, a complex device which serves the same type of function in other industries. A vertical fluid switch consists of a float and a rod. The float is an oblong or spherical object which is connected to the rod. The “switch” moves up and down from the bottom to the top of the wastewater or chemical vessel or tank. Since the liquids in wastewater treatment can be corrosive, choosing a high-quality stainless steel float is highly important.

Just like in other industries that require liquid level control, monitoring the level of the liquids in a wastewater treatment facility is extremely important. Factors like temperature and unlikely events like leaks can have an effect liquid level. For this reason, the precision of vertical fluid switches is extremely important. Arthur Harris designs and manufactures the highest quality stainless steel floats in order to keep things flowing smoothly at wastewater treatment facilities.

Wastewater Steel Float Options
At Arthur Harris, we offer both round and oblong stainless steel floats. These options are available in a wide range of diameters and wall thicknesses, making them suitable for the multiple types of liquid level control involved in the wastewater treatment process. If your company is in the wastewater treatment industry and you’re ready to learn more about the range of products available to you, simply contact Arthur Harris. Since we design and manufacture all of our floats in-house, we are always happy to offer custom solutions according to our client’s specifications. Contact Arthur Harris to get started!