The Role of the Float Valve in Petrochemical Drilling

petrochemical-industryHere at Arthur Harris, we truly enjoy the opportunity to share how our custom products benefit some of the largest industries. Today we’re discussing the petrochemical industry, where our stainless steel float valves are used to prevent unwanted flow of fluids up the drill string in natural gas and oil drilling operations. At Arthur Harris, we take great pride in powering the industries that fuel our country, and we’re excited to share how our innovative products can make a big impact in these operations.

A Small Device With a Big Job
Our most common product used in the petrochemical drilling industry is the drill pipe float valve. These small mechanisms play an important role in preventing drilled liquids from going where they shouldn’t. In underwater or underground drilling operations they prevent gas and oil from flowing into the surrounding sea or groundwater. Also called non-return valves, these downhole safety valves create an effective barrier which blocks the unwanted flow of fluids up the drill string.

Just Another Crew Member
Like a trusted member of the crew, the drill pipe float valve works hard. The float valve locks down the flow of fluids while the crew at the rigfloor is making or breaking connections. This important job is one that couldn’t be done by a human, so it provides an unmatched value to the operation, freeing up the crew and helping to protect the environment by preventing dangerous leaks.

Choosing The Right Float Valve
Since every gas and oil project is different, determining the proper drill pipe float valve for your unique application is very important. There are different valve types which are used differently for each specific application. Factors like temperature, pressures, and type of liquid that the float is operating determine the exact type of float that should be used. If you’re not sure which type of float to order, Arthur Harris is here to help. We have decades of experience serving a wide range of industries, so we’ll be happy to recommend the ideal product based on your needs. Contact us today!