Importance of Metal Finishing Process for Float Balls

metal finishing process

Metal finishing for float balls is a special process used in float and tank applications. Finishing may require treating the exterior or interior of the float ball for a variety of purposes. A particular surface finish is necessary for a food environment. Weighted float balls may be necessary for specific gravity requirements when tanks have heavier liquids or more than one liquid in them. Magnets may be located within float balls to actuate float switches. There are numerous types of processes that require metal finishing for float balls. Here are several metal finishing methods offered by Arthur Harris and their intended applications. (more…)

Cabinet Pulls: Stainless Steel vs. Satin Nickel

stainless steel bar pulls

One of the best ways to upgrade your kitchen without a full remodeling is to upgrade your cabinet hardware. Stainless steel bar pulls and satin nickel bar pulls are two popular hardware choices for kitchen cabinet upgrades. New pulls are an easy and affordable option and can make a big impact on the look of your kitchen. Stainless steel and satin nickel are silver-toned metals that offer visual appeal and a degree of detail that will bring a fresh, new feel to your kitchen. Each blends in well with modern appliances and each can provide the finishing touch in the design of your kitchen. (more…)

How to Choose Specialty Hardware for Your Home

specialty hardware

Thinking of giving your house a facelift and wondering how? Start by considering replacing your home hardware. All those older knobs, bar pulls, hinges, and handles may seem like a minor detail. It’s one that is often overlooked when thinking of remodeling your home. Yet, changing out and replacing bathroom drawer pulls, kitchen door handles and even the knobs on interior doors can have a big impact on the décor of your house. If you are refinishing surfaces, why not give those older cabinets and drawers a new look. Choosing the home hardware for your décor is important, and it may be somewhat of a challenge. Here are a few important things to consider for incorporating new specialty hardware into your home. (more…)

Manufacturing 101: Stainless Steel Floats

float valve company

Arthur Harris stainless steel floats are an indispensable component in any liquid level control system. The industrial strength float balls have superior buoyancy and provide maximum corrosion resistance under the most challenging conditions. As the long-tenured stainless steel float and valve company with trusted experience, Arthur Harris sets the industry standard for producing the highest quality floats on the market. (more…)

The Significance of Industry Product Metal Marking

metal marking

The industrial practice of metal marking finished metal products is commonplace in the manufacture of goods globally. Whether for inventory, quality control, regulatory, or any number of reasons, metal marking machines permanently mark items for identification purposes with a range of densities. Marks can be embedded on to a metal surface or part through a number of methods without damage. When completed, the mark’s imprint leaves the surface with a variety of characters and symbols in all shapes and sizes. (more…)

How Long Should Bar Pulls Be? The Experts Weigh In

how long should bar pulls be

Installing new bar pulls are a creative way to energize the look of older kitchen cabinets and refresh the overall look of your entire kitchen. Swapping out cabinet hardware is also less costly than an entire kitchen remodel. Considering how long should bar pulls be is central in determining what the new look of your kitchen will be. Fortunately, there are many shapes, styles, and sizes to choose from, and once you make your decision you will be well on your way to having a new look and feel throughout the kitchen. The new look just may inspire you to swap out the hardware on dressers, vanities, hutches, and sideboards throughout your home.


NPT vs BSP Threads

NPT vs BSP Threads


The difference between NPT vs. BSP threads has more to do with where you live than their applications. NPT and BSP are pipe thread standards for screw threads used on pipes and pipe fittings to seal pipes.

BSP – UK, Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa (most countries worldwide)

NPT – United States, Canada

Both threads have the same pitch and familiar-shaped peaks and valleys. However, the designs of the threads differ in two fundamental ways. With NPT, the peaks and valleys of the threads are flat. In BSP, they are rounded. Secondly, the NPT angle of the thread is 60 degrees, and the BSP angle is 55 degrees. (more…)

How to Choose the Right Type of Float Switch

Choose Float Switch Type

What is a Float Switch?

A float switch is a sensor used to monitor a circuit within a tank as the level of a liquid rises or falls.  Types of float switches vary, but their general purpose is to activate pump control panels and any alarms if needed. The device has proven to be one of the most effective and reliable technologies to monitor liquid levels, and today float switches are utilized in a variety of industrial processes that require the monitoring of liquid levels stored within various types of chambers and tanks. (more…)

Choosing Hardware for White Kitchen Cabinets

Choose Hardware for White Cabinets

The color white, and more specifically, white colored cabinets, have never been more popular in today’s kitchens. White is always in style, regardless if you have a slick modern kitchen or relaxed country style. With their relaxed style and design flexibility, it’s no secret as to why white cabinets are a constant crowd pleaser. The color white can make a room look larger and timeless in one broad stroke. With white cabinets, hardware is the most crucial detail, as it is more than just an accent, Hardware completes the room and adds overall value to your kitchen. With all of the available options, selecting the perfect hardware for your white cabinets can be a frustrating exercise. Below we discuss what to consider when selecting hardware for white kitchen cabinets. (more…)

How Magnetic Float Level Switches Work

Magnetic Float Switch Working Principle

The working principle behind magnetic float level switches is to utilize a magnetic field to open or close a circuit as the level of a liquid within the chamber rises or falls. The stainless steel float within operates on the basic buoyancy principle that the force on a buoyant object is equal to the mass of liquid displaced by the object. Partially submerged within the liquid surface, the float moves within the chamber when the liquid level moves, thereby accurately tracking the liquid surface motion. (more…)